Need Help Recruiting?

At Transport Jobs we want to empower business to source and hire the best staff possible by providing resources and support in your recruiting activities. We recognise that on occasion, you may need more help. This may be as a result of a lack of internal skills, time and focus. At the same time, hiring great staff need not cost the earth.

To assist you in your recruitment activities, Transport Jobs have partnered with a recruitment firm who offer a cost effective, fixed fee model that can be scaled according to your specific needs. You can choose from  any of the components below to tailor make your own recruitment solution, from sourcing to placement.

This partner is

 Fixed Fee Recruitment provide an unbundled service model that can provide:

  • Sourcing - engage and source applicants using effective recruitment marketing and relevant targeted channels to find suitable job seekers.
  • Screening - whilst response volume is a key metric,  using AI tools to ensure you prioritise the right people to interview first, saves time and delivers better quality, faster
  • Interviewing - online/video and phone interviews by professionals, will further identify the best candidates before recommending a shortlist you can then interview
  • Testing - create and deliver relevant, custom skills testing to identify those candidates who match your skills requirements and culture fit
  • Verification - thorough background and reference checking will ensure your candidates have been verified and they have the suitable status, qualifications and experience to do the job
  • Placement - assistance with offer negotiation and on-boarding your new hires, giving you a professional process and engaged and motivated employee from start to finish

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** do not own or operate FixedFeeRecruitment and receive no financial incentives.